Our Employee
Kris Kolp - Engineer, Owner, Producer, Musician, Accountant, Custodian, Intern, Secretary, Assistant, Manager, Contractor, Laborer, etc... (You get the point... it's just me!)

I grew up in Tarpon Springs, Florida and started playing music at a young age beginning with the trombone, trumpet, and piano. Later, I moved on to guitar and then harmonica. I moved to Tallahassee, FL in the early 90s to earn a Computer Science degree at External link opens in new tab or windowFlorida State University.  During that time I played in several local bands and have always played an active role in the local Tallahassee music scene. Upon completion of my college degree I wanted to create a way to blend my two main talents, computer science and music; hence Log Cabin Studio was born. The studio is continuously upgraded and improved upon in the never ending search for sonic nirvana.  It is presently built around AVID'sExternal link opens in new tab or window ProTools. This is a computer based, industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation). The studio is also equipped with a great selection of (old school) vintage and (new school) boutique analog preamps, eqs, compressors, and mics. The studio is approximately 1000 sq ft and is divided into 4 rooms, each treated to produce pleasing sonic qualities.