4/5/22 - Bell and the Band's EPIC Folk Opera is coming along.  Well over 50 pieces of music are in the works!  Check out the Two Foot Level record:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmeqBfar69s

Here's one from Stumblefeet's new record.  I got to play harp on this one!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYXDXBCZXXU  Looking forward to kicking up a few new projects as well.  Stay tuned for some more from Brothers Within' and The Frank Jones Band!  Grant Peeples and Danny Goddard have been spotted kicking around some new tunes, working on some sort of collaboration.

2/7/20 - Some killer projects are about to emerge that have been a long time coming... Two Foot Level, Stumblefeet, Trial By Stone, Thousand Dollar Hen, Revival... and more... Stay tuned!

2/13/19 - Check out this current #1 Podcast about the Dan Markel murder... what an intense story!  I've been on the Tallahassee side of several interviews: External link opens in new tab or windowOver My Dead Body

1/18/19 - Well after all these years my old website design finally just got too old... so today the new and improved website has been published!  It should now be able to handle smart phone and tablet screens no problemo!  Today, January 18th, a great bunch of guys, Brother's Within is releasing their debut.  External link opens in new tab or windowBrother's Within Love these guys!  A few other killin' projects are done and on the verge of release as well:  External link opens in new tab or windowThe Frank Jones Band releases their debut album "First Take" on February 2nd at The Junction on Monroe.  This record is smokin' hot blues rock and roll goodness.  Also another group of epic folks, External link opens in new tab or windowThe Lil' Grizzly Boogie Band, has an ep on the way to be released on February 15th with a performance at The Legion Hall.  Congrats to all!!!

10/17/17 - Look for the Just Chameleons music coming soon.  Check out this fun song by Rebecca Turk I got to produce (and sing on)... ooh and check out that killin' tambourine!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TuRsXtniWg .   
2/14/17 - It's been a minute since I tooted the studio's horn here... Belle and the Band recently wrapped up their second album (release coming soon) and won an EMMY their song 'Local Routes' which is the theme song for the local tv show of the same name.  Congrats!   Tyler Denning and Taller Trees have been pumping out some singles.  Kyle and Tiffany Bynoe have been cutting some amazing music here for release later this year.  High Test just released an EP cut here.  Here's Scott Campbell's new record:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.cdbaby.com/cd/scottcampbell1  Love you Scott!  Just produced a nice track for singer/songwriter Rebecca Turk utilizing the stellar musicianship of Ryan Raines and Brad Foutch.
6/9/16 - Just wrapped a really fun record with Anabelle Lyn.  Release date looks to be the 4th of July.  Getting geared up to mix Scott Campbell's record and maybe put a little harmonica on it.  Rachel Hillman and Foxy Punch have been knocking out some killer music of late, and so has Tyler Lee and Ecology.  I declare that the music scene is STRONG right now in Tallahassee!  Just finished up a REALLY GREAT SOUNDING 3 song EP for The Top Shelf Trio and recently cut some tracks for an upcoming Queen Latifah record.  I never thought I'd work with a real Queen but anything can happen in the music business!!!
3/22/16 - Just back from an epic trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas with Unbreakable Bloodline who did several showcases while there.  Much thanks to Yellow Dog Studio for the tour and test drive on their Trident console.  Check out a recent record I did here:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://declerkosborn.bandcamp.com/releases  GREAT songs and musicianship on this one!  A record I was lucky to do some work on has been up to #3 on the Billboard R&B Album charts for the last few weeks.  Congrats Tweet!  Another record with GREAT songs and musicianship: External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.amazon.com/Charlene-Tweet/dp/B01725K6QI Scott Campbell has been around lately working on a record...  and I've got a big studio upgrade to announce soon... stay tuned.
11/23/15 - I recently completed an acoustics consultation/installation at a great local establishment External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.libertytlh.com .  It really sounds GREAT in there now!  Just wrapped a record of killer music by Chris DeCkerk and Perry Osborn, with the sick rhythm section provided by Leon Anderson and Rodney Jordan, and special guest Roosevelt Collier on the 'sacred steel'.  More on the release later.  In the studio:  Belle and the Band, Urban Soul, Annabelle Lynn, Tweet,  and more.
7/1/15 - Congrats to Unbreakable Bloodline out of Albany, GA for the release of their killer new ep Anti-Gravity.  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.reverbnation.com/unbreakablebloodline  The same goes for Human Progress on the release of their sweet ep Vinkara 2015.  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.humanprogressband.com/  My neighbor Arielle is a bad ass fiddle player, no doubt!  Recently Left Hand Under, another band out of Albany, GA came down and recorded, mixed, and mastered four seriously ROCKIN' tunes in 5 short hours!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.reverbnation.com/lefthandunder  That's how you get it DONE!  Congrats to Kevan McCann on finishing up his solo project.  It sounds amazing and he played it all from drums to vocals to moog and of course the big bass.  Also recently sited at LCS - Urban Soul, DJ Butch, Belle and the Band, Bakari Hines, Shari Padveen, Tweet and more!
2/24/15 - Two Foot Level - Closer We Are - External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://mai046.wix.com/2ftlevel  Cam Siegal and Friends - World Junk External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cameronsiegalfriends ... both really killer records!  In the studio - Kevan McCann, Unbreakable Bloodline, Human Progress, and Urban Soul!!!  2015 is sounding GREAT so far!!!
11/20/14 - It's been a while since I've updated this page... Two Foot Level is releasing their third album this Friday which was tracked here.  Great fun working with my old buddies.  Wanderfoot just completed their album which will be released on December 6th.  Dan Newman just completed an album (2 eps) as well.  It has been sent to mastering.  I also recently completed a project with Cam Siegal and a who's who of some of the most outstanding musicians Tallahassee has to offer.  World Junk should be released any day now.  Also recently seen around these parts: Boo Radley, Brother Nature, David Zimmer, Shari Padveen, Dr. Mark, Wolf & Witness, Catfish Alliance, Danny Goddard, and Steve Dedge to name a few!
3/5/14 - The New 76ers released their new record, In the Light, on Saturday March 1st.  I'm so excited for this record.  It is so good!  Get you a copy and you won't regret it:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.thenew76ers.com/.  Started working for WFSU doing remote recording at the Thomasville Center for the Arts for later radio broadcast.  So far two epic performances were captured... John Nakamatsu and incredible pianist, and Guitar Passions, and epic guitar trio composed of Sharon Isbin, Stanley Jordan, and Romero Lubambo.  Working on some killer EPs for the Tyler Denning Band and also Trae Budde, both to be released in mid-April.  Kevan McCann has been in and out of late working on a GREAT collection of songs for his solo project.

9/13/13 - Just wrapped up a killer funky jamtastic record with a GREAT bunch of guys in the band Shoes and Laces.  Check out their CD release party at The All Saints Hop Yard on Oct. 11th.  Also check out the new record, Whiskey and Pickle Juice, from punk dubsters, Trial By Stone.  Took an epic trip to the world class destination studio External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.docksidestudio.com/ (Maurice, LA) a few weeks back to mix The New 76ers new album on a Neve 8058 console.  The record is now on two reels of 1/2" ATR tape and sounding world class in its own right.  Next stop is Mastering.  Our 'assistant' was Justin Tockett, an incredible Producer and Engineer.  Check out his work with Marc Broussard.  Started mixing some GREAT songs written in the 70s by Ed Bradley that he has recorded over the last few years with a bunch of local legends.  Also been working hard tracking a great collection of head bobbing acoustic tunes with Wanderfoot.  Last but not least I got to bring the portable rig out on a few grand piano tracking sessions for Aaron Seiler.  Good times!

6/17/13 - Check out the new release from Unbreakable Bloodline who just won 'Best Hip Hop Artist' at the 2013 Georgia Music Awards!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/unbreakablebloodline .  Also just mastered a new release for the Jamie Eubanks Band, Live at the BBC.

3/28/13 - Been hard at work producing another album for The New 76ers.  What is the solution for too many great songs to fit on one album?  Check out The New 76ers' new EP, 'Demolition Man' to find out!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://thenew76ers.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-superhighway-bonus-ping-records-17242-17241.  Also produced a song with Jarrod Brogdon which will become the new theme song for 'Backwoods Life', a hunting show on The Sportsman's Channel.

3/20/13 - Artists in lately include:  Trial By Stone, Dan Newman, Dave Kelsay, Eric Lampley, Jamal, Belle and the Band, The New 76ers, Driving Lights, The Jamie Eubanks Band, Sabal, Kevan McCann, Tweet, Jarrod Brogdon, Terry Clark, Danny Goddard, Steve Dedge, AJ Hall, Shari Padveen, Dillon Bradley-Brown, Scott Campbell, DJ Butch and Bakari, Dave Toleffson, Jess Bradley, and the guys from Wanderfoot to name a few!

12/4/12 - Dan Newman  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannewman 

8/2/12 - Working with several great songwriters (Steve Dedge, Shari Padveen, and Jarrod Brogdon) and putting some production on their tunes.  Lots of great players in the mix... Jess Franklin, Aaron Seiler, AJ Hall, Jamison, and more...  Catfish Alliance has been here mixing some new tunes.  The New 76ers just started record #2 and it is really something!  Marvin Halleck recently came by and really went to town on Lil Nancy Magil (my 1944 Wurlitzer Spinnet upright piano), Chris Lowe came by with some awesome singers and cut some vocals for an upcoming Emtro Gospel Records release.  Dan Newman has been in and out of late working on Album #2 and the rumor is that album #1 will be released soon!  Tweet was recently here cutting some vocals for her upcoming release!  The Royal Heavies were in a while back cutting tracks for a vinyl release.  Also Belle and the Band were here cutting a sweet song which accompanies a really cool children's book.  Check it out here: External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.catandcrowpublishing.com/ .  AND, Unbreakable Bloodline has been working feverishly to finish up approx. 15 tunes they've cut here over the last year or so!  The Flood has been doing the same.  Lot's of upcoming releases to announce soon:-)

3/29/12 - Just finished a killer funk/rock record with The Jesse Smith Project.  Jess Franklin was back in the studio laying down some funky country telecaster licks on a really fun project with Steve Dedge.  Check out the video and live recording of this killer 12 piece band, Sheriff Ariff & the Wali Sanga!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NamXho7cFGI&sns=em
  Butch, Bakari, and Jeff Shields (Stereoside) were in recently cutting a great ode to Sopchoppy!  Also been working some fun sessions with The Flood, Shari Padveen, Jarrod Brogdon, and Dan Newman!  Busy year so far!!!

1/24/12 - Just finished up an EP for Carnivores of Grace.  Check them out if you dare!  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://carnivoresatgrace.bandcamp.com/
Did several sessions with Beau Turner doing voice overs for his new show Beau Knows Outdoors.  Check it out on the Sportsman's Channel:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/programming/descriptions/description.php?ID=463

1/5/12 - My son, Leo Kristofer was born (11/12/11)!  Due to that, I took a bit of time off over the holidays.  Check out External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.icmusicrecords.com/ for lots of video and audio clips of the IC Music artists I've been working with over the last year or so.

9/18/11 - Tweet was here recently putting some magic on a killer Angie Stone track.  Can't wait to hear the final production.  Also been doing some production and playing on several singer/songwriter projects.  Shari Padveen, Steve Dedge, and Jarrod Brogdon have some great songs that we are building up.  Lot's of great players have been laying down their tones:  Hal Month and Adam Sheppard on piano, organ, and harmonium, Danny Goddard on pedal steele, AJ on drums and bass, Jeff Davis on bass, your's truly on guitars and vocals, Avis Berry on vocals, Dave Kelsey on percussion...  Another cool project with Deborah Desilets has brought in great cast of players:  Scott Campbell on guitar, Kevin on mandolin, Deb on drums, Mark on upright bass, and Danny Goddard on guitar.  On a completely different vibe, been having a blast doing some really technically advanced metal with Carnivores of Grace.  Ariel Hill, a great young IC Music talent came by recently and did some really beautiful solo vocal guitar tracks.

5/27/11 - Phase 1 of the IC Music project with Ric 'N' Stein is complete.  Looking forward to phase II!  Recently the incredible R&B vocalist, Tweet, came through to lay down some serious vocals on a Keke Wyatt track.  Starting a country project with a great local songwriter, Steve Dedge.  This will be fun!

2/3/11 - Been working with Motown alum Ric 'N' Stein who's brought in a great roster of artists.  Super Funk (my Clav) has seen some nice use as of late!  Some of the tracks we cut have made their way to the legendary External link opens in new tab or windowRecord Plant in LA to get a proper mixing with another legend, Humberto Gatica.  The New 76ers will be releasing their debut March 1st.  Check out their video with Log Cabin Studio (and the back of my head) as the backdrop! External link opens in new tab or windowSing Along Video

10/4/10 - My good friend Hal has bestowed a great gift upon LCS... A Honer Clavinet D6 (we'll call him Super Funk) and a Moog Source analog synthesizer (Bob).  Super stoked!  Thanks Hal.

8/20/10 - Lot's of good stuff of late.  Trial By Stone did a record here recently.  It's Dubtastic!  The New 76ers finished their record and it's off to Waltz Mastering.  Really excited about this one.  They cut it all live and you can feel it!  Grant Peeples has been in and out over the last few months and is gearing up to do a record with the great Gurf Morlix in Austin, Texas.  Eric Durrance and Bobby Selvaggio have been working on some tunes over the last few weeks for the band External link opens in new tab or windowTobacco Road.  Good times!

3/12/10 - The New 76ers are releasing a 2 song EP next week... Just before SpringFest.  They will only press 100.  I recommend you check it out!

1/29/10 - Dan Newman's album is complete and in the capable hands of Mastering Engineer Terry Manning at Compasspoint Studios in the Bahamas External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.compasspointstudios.com/ .  Dan used a ton of top notch local (and ex local) Tallahassee musicians on his project and it really turned out great.  The band The Good Break has been back in the studio working on completing their album.  This is a group of FSU music students with killer chops!  The Satyrs came in at the end of last year and recorded some excellent tunes.  Check the music page for a listen.

11/20/09 - The New 76ers and Grant Peeples have been singing and playing some really sweet tunes in the studio, all together, in the same room, live and lovely... keepin' it real! External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.myspace.com/thenew76ers

7/24/09 - Dan Newman, David Zimmer, Sencerhouse, Avis Berry, Scott Campbell and lots of great local musicians have recently been rockin' this studio.

5/27/09 - Hal's album, Lakulish Love, was released!  You can hear a few clips and find out more here:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.lakulishyogatallahassee.com/cd_lakulish_love .  The cd release took place at the Tallahassee planetarium:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.challengertlh.com/Planetarium/planetarium_index.html It was wild and was followed by a special 'teaching' from the group's spiritual advisor External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://lakulishyoga.org/ .

11/13/08 - Hal's album has been mastered by Terry Manning and it is headed to production.  It really turned out GREAT!!!  Even Money, a great 5 piece Bluegrass band came in last weekend and recorded and mixed 3 songs in two hours!!!  Check out the tracks on the audio page.  Finished mixing 11 live tracks from the Purple Hatters Ball festival, which was held in the memory of Rachel Hoffman.  External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.purplehattersball.com/   Bands included on the compilation are Dubconscious, Catfish Alliance, Moe., Full Black Out, and The Euroslutz.  These cds will be for sale and the proceeds will benefit the Morningstar Foundation.  Contact me if you'd like to donate, and receive a CD full of GREAT performances to boot!

9/15/08 - Well the studio is about 98% done, so I'm back in business and it will probably be 98% done indefinately!  A great local songwriter, Dan Newman, has just started a project here in which I am on board as Producer, Engineer, and Musician as well.  We've already had several great drummers guest on the tracks including Dillon Bradley-Brown and Dave Kelsey.  Jess Franklin will be coming down from Nashville next week to add lots more to the tracks, including organ, guitars, lap steel, dobro, and who knows what else?  Also props to Trevor Brooks who has just provided LCS with a sweet Leslie 145 speaker for ol' Betsy (my sweet Hammond A100).  We're also finishing up the final tweaks/mixes on Hal's project, which will go to Terry Manning at Compass Point Studio in the Bahamas for Mastering sometime in October.

5/12/08 - Did my first remote with the new Alesis HD24xr portable 24 track recorder, laying down some massive choir tracks provided by the Tallahassee Boys Choir.  Great times!  Also had Scott Campbell in the studio for some Country licks on a Country/Rockabilly track by local songwriter John Smith.  I hate to make any predictions, but I'm a few weeks away from finishing up the new control room.  I'll also be updating the acoustics in all the rooms with some great bass traps, etc. provided by GIK Acoustics (Atlanta, GA).

2/20/08 - Days away from building a new Control Room.  This addition will add 450 sq. ft. to the studio!  The old control room will most likely be converted to a vocal/amp booth.  Also in the works will be a nice deck and bathroom.  Maybe an expresso machine if there's any $ left over.  Been working on some really great projects with two of my favorite peoples.  Jess Franklin (External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.tishamingo.com/)- alt country, roots rock project, of which I am taking on the roll of Producer.  That means lots of pre-production and no corners cut.  I've also been involved in a real fusion of music/cultures with my buddy Hal (Ancient Harmony piano man).  This project has tablas, djimbes, and all sorts of crazy percussion instruments, harmonium, piano, jamming bass, chants, and big choir.  LOVING 2008 so far!

8/27/07 - Full Black Out's album is complete and off to the Mastering Engineer (who just so happens to be a true legend in the music business, Terry Manning - External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.compasspointstudios.com/).  Apparently I finally found the time to finish my own project.  CD release party at The Warehouse, October 6th.  Jim McNeal is off to Nashville with a pocketful of tunes.  Good luck my brotha.  Catfish Alliance has sent their tracks off to be mixed by an up and coming engineer and ex Tallahasseeian, Seth Morton, at one of the finest studios in the world (External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.blackbirdstudio.com/).  Finally for now, been working with a great rock band, The Purgers.  Keep on the lookout for these guys.

6/7/07 - Lots of great music in the works lately... Catfish Alliance rocked out a nice set of tunes, live in the studio... Keep on the lookout for that.  Jim McNeal has been churning out a bunch of tunes and bringing in a whole set of great local Studio Musicians to participate:  Scott Campbell, Jeff Davis, Tom Corbitt, Bakari Hines, Ed Bradley, even your's truely!  Hal, the great keys player from Ancient Harmony has been in recently to produce a nice ambient track, and Brian Burgess rolled over to mix a sweet little spiritual childrens tune.  All in all, way to busy to finish mixing my band's album, which has been about 95% done since January!  Not really complaning though...

3/29/07 - Smackwater Retreiver, a classic delta blues band from Apalachicola, has been cutting a rockin' album... Snare drum, Upright Bass, and Guitars... good stuff!

2/28/07 - Local rockers, Mujabica have been working on an album.  Also an old school country album is in the works by some great musicians... stay tuned...

1/12/07 - The Warehouse sessions... 3 piece funk fusion project... lovin' it!  All live and super tight...
Full Black Out has been tracking live and giving the new console a complete run-through/test drive...
Jim McNeal is back and writing more material.  And doing his part to support local session musicians!

11/30/06 - Took the rig out to External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.downonthefarmfestival.com/ and multitracked a good chunk of the event.  We (Spanish Moss Productions and myself) will be producing a post-fest compilation cd in the upcoming few months... stay tuned.  In the meantime you can check out the Full Black Out show here : External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.archive.org/details/fbo2006-11-11.DOTFIIImtrk 
Altar of Flesh recently made an appearance at the studio... Yes we rock the Death Metal here too...These guys are tight!  ...

10/2/06 - Building a number of SCA N72 (Neve 1272 style) preamps and soldering tons of cable in anticipation of the new Console.  Stay tuned.
8/30/06 - Been working with Justin Brogdon, and gearing up for a full album project.  Also working on "The House Project" with Mark (Whiskey Richard) and Dave.  South Munroe is scheduled for some tracking next week.  Also working with songwriter Layne Murphy from Thomasville to add melody and a full band to lyrics.  Finally, Full Black Out has 6 tunes in various stages of completion.

5/25/06 - We've been remodeling and redesigning the acoustics in the studio.  The live room is sounding sweet with the addition of some Bamboo flooring.

2/28/06 - Borderline 11 recently visited and layed down 10 tunes, all live... Also Lookin' Up, a great 4 piece southern gospel group did the same...
Andrew Altman and Friends (Mark Roudebaum and Scott) graced the studio with their sweet and fat funk and jazz grooves.  The whole session went down live and was mixed with minimal processing... Check it out on the Audio page...
Over the holidays, the studio has been extensively upgraded and modified.  We've added 40 tube traps to the rooms which have really tightened up the sound.  We've also added some new mics and preamps, and compressors... it's a never-ending upgrade around here!
Full Black Out is also now booked to record their second album.  We'll keep you posted.

Past clients include (but not limited to): Belle and the Band, The Lil' Grizzly Boogie Band, The Frank Jones Band, Queen Latifah, Beau Turner (Beau Knows Outdoors) and Warm Springs Productions, Backwoods Life and the Sportsman's Channel, IC Music and Ric 'N' Stein, Tobacco Road, Shanachee Ent., Tweet, The New 76ers, Grant Peeples, IMG Sports Network and Florida State University Athletics, Shyam and the Tallahassee Boys Choir, Whiskey Richard, Socialburn and Elektra Records, H and Ice, Smitty, Dwayne Harvey, G and Dub, Jim McNeal, Verizon, Sonic Union, The Tallahassee Democrat, TC McGuire Production Services, Window World, Catfish Alliance, etc.